A Herald journalist has described the "distressing" and dramatic scenes in central London.

Business Herald online editor Sophie Ryan is holidaying in London and is close to the scene of the incidents in the London Bridge area.

"Traffic is extremely heavy in the London inner city, with emergency services driving through with sirens and lights every other minute. All roads towards to the scene of the incident have been closed and dozens of armed police are guarding the roads.

"Police helicopters are circling above the inner city of London. The scene is very distressing and London seems incredibly grim tonight after a brilliant summer's day."


Hundreds of people were gathered outside underground stations three kilometres from the scene of the attacks.

"People making phone calls to loved ones look concerned with the situation. The Saturday night revelries appear to be wrapping up for the night with people pouring out of bars and restaurants in the inner city.

"Heading towards Tower Bridge, the bridge east of London Bridge, roads are noticeably more empty of pedestrians. People are walking home from the inner city with cellphones clutched to their ears, appearing eager to get home."

Just six kilometres away from the incidents though people were still enjoying their Saturday night out, Ryan said earlier.

"Queues for nightclubs are still filling footpaths but security is high. Security guards were inspecting bags and initiating pat-downs of nightclub-goers."

She had also heard a disturbing story of abuse from an Uber driver.

"[He told me] when news broke of the incident a passenger began abusing him. He was told to immediately pull over and let the customer out of the car because he didn't feel safe being driven by him."

The dual-national Pakistani-Brit said he felt very sad and helpless when the passenger said: 'You're all the same, this is what you've done to our country', Ryan said.