Police have called off the search for a Swedish hunter not seen for nearly two weeks.

Hans Christian Tornmarck went hunting by himself on May 12 and was due out of the bush on May 17.

The 27-year-old has not been seen since.

He was understood to be in the Karangarua Valley, near Fox Glacier, where his sleeping bag and tent were found on Saturday.


Nothing else has been found.

West Coast Area Commander, Inspector Mel Aitken said search teams had left the area until further leads come to light.

"Search and rescue teams have worked tirelessly over the past week, unfortunately not reaching the outcome we all hoped for.

"I have been impressed with the work ethic of my staff, the selflessness of volunteers and the attitudes of all involved in this operation.

"Extensive efforts have been put into searching what is an extreme, raw and unforgiving environment deep in the heart of South Westland.

"It is deeply disappointing that we have not been able to locate Mr Tornmarck despite the efforts."

Police reminded anyone who may have been in the Karangarua Valley area and may have seen the solo hunter over the past two weeks to contact police.

Tornmarck's family had been advised and police extended sympathies to them during the "stressful time".