A Kiwi daredevil has broken the world record for the most bungy jumps in 24 hours, after leaping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge more than 160 times.

Last night Mike Heard beat the previous record of 158 set by Australian man Beau Retallick in 2014. Heard's 24-hour bungy marathon - in aid of the Mental Health Foundation - but has returned this morning and will continue jumping until 7.15pm.

Heard's official Guinness World Record attempt follows two world records for bungy jumping that he previously set from the same AJ Hackett Bungy site on the bridge.

He set the record in August 2008 when he jumped 103 times in 24 hours. But that record was beaten and until Heard took it back was held by Australian Beau Retallick with 158 jumps.


Heard broke the record just under five hours into his attempt, which is being livestreamed on YouTube.

The team took few hours to sleep after midnight before returning at 5.30am to continue jumping today..

Heard says he's "stoked" to have knocked off the record in just five hours.

"It's a real thrill to have broken the record and achieved what we set out to do but there's still the rest of the day to go and I'm amped to keep jumping and raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation."

The jump site will operate its usual business hours and jump times during the day.

Jumpers will be able to join Heard for a tandem bungy or a Guinness experience with money going towards the fundraising total.

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand managing director Henry van Asch said Heard had been part of the Auckland bungy community since he made his first jump in 2006 - and came straight back up for another, then two more, on the same day.

"Since then, Mike - or Hedgie as we all call him - has been one of our most fervent enthusiasts, taking on numerous personal challenges and jumping like he was born to bungy."


Heard already holds the 60-minute record, jumping 80 times in just 60 minutes in March 2014.

People can support the fundraising project by visiting mentalhealth.org.nz/bungy or texting BUNGY to 2446 to make an automatic $3 donation.