A dangerous rapist with 153 previous convictions and a persecution complex has had a final appeal against a sentence of preventive detention rejected by the Supreme Court.

Alan Ivo Greer, 54, was jailed in the High Court at Wellington in 2014 to preventive detention with a minimum jail term of 10 years for a raft of violent charges including rape.

At his sentencing, the Wairarapa man who represented himself at trial frequently interrupted and insulted Justice Alan MacKenzie and laughed at his victim's trauma.

Justice MacKenzie sentenced him on one charge of rape, two of aggravated burglary, three of threatening to kill, two for supplying methamphetamine, and one each for possessing an offensive weapon and supplying cannabis.


The court was told Greer's belief system, which included a persecution complex, increased the likelihood he would reoffend.

"You have clearly demonstrated that you regard yourself as a victim of conspiracy, or a series of conspiracies," Justice MacKenzie said.

Greer appealed against his conviction and sentence to the Court of Appeal, continuing his claims of falling victim to a conspiracy that encompassed the police, prosecutors, and the courts.

The Court of Appeal appointed counsel to help him address his claims of conspiracy and repeated non-disclosure. But it rejected his argument - a decision supported by a new judgment released by the Supreme Court.

"The Court of Appeal provided the applicant a fair opportunity to present his case which he did not take up," the Supreme Court said in its judgment.

"It is clear from the Court of Appeal judgment that counsel appointed to assist addressed, as best he could, the merits of the applicant's general complaints. Nothing that is of
relevance to the present application came out of that exercise.

"The proposed appeal raises no point of general or public importance and there is no appearance of a miscarriage of justice."