The heartbroken widow of a man killed when a truck collapsed on him has spoken of her gratitude that he met his newborn daughter before his death.

Eban Norman, 42, died on May 11 when the truck he was working on in Helensville collapsed on him.

His partner Karley Norton said prior to the tragic incident, he had spent 10 precious days with baby daughter Georgia.

Norton said she was devastated at her partner's death but took some comfort in the fact "E.B" got to bond with baby Georgia.


Georgia was born four weeks premature so if she had arrived on her due date the doting dad would never have met his girl.

"He held her and fed her and enjoyed every moment, he was just so proud," Norton said yesterday.

"I had a caesarean so when she was born he washed her and weighed her and told me 'she's perfect mate'. He was proud as punch."

Norman also has two sons, Jack and Alex, from a previous relationship and Norton said he was incredibly proud of all of his children.

She said the 10 days spent with Norman, Georgia and hers older daughter Natalya were amazing.

Then everything changed.

"One of his workers and his step-daughter arrived at our house and I knew straight away something was terribly wrong."

"I just remember screaming "no" for over an hour."

Eban Norman cradles his newborn daughter Georgia Norman. Photo supplied by Karley Norman.
Eban Norman cradles his newborn daughter Georgia Norman. Photo supplied by Karley Norman.

Norman was making final checks on a truck before sending it for a warrant of fitness when it fell, crushing him.

Worksafe are investigating the cause of the collapse.

Norton went to the yard where partner lay and said her goodbyes.

"I went to the scene and gave him a hug and had a chat to him. I didn't want him to be alone," she said.

Tragically the new mum had to sign Norman's death certificate and his baby's birth certificate on the same day.

"It was the toughest week but the support from friends and family and the community has been amazing."

"So many people have offered their help and support."

Norton said she had known Norman since high school.

"We were great mates when we were younger but we had only got together more recently," Karley said.

"We felt like we were teenagers," she said.

She said the hardest thing was going to be raising her daughter without her "best mate" by her side.

"He was just an incredible person and I am sad Georgia is not going to get the chance to be raised by him."

"He was already such an amazing dad."

Friends have set up a Givealittle pages to help Norton.

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