Immigration New Zealand is looking into a complaint about an advertisement placed in an Auckland Chinese newspaper seeking marriage for residence.

The "Marriage Wanted" advertisement on the front page of the Chinese New Zealand Herald is translated from Chinese script as: "33-year old high-income-earner male seeks female with PR (permanent residence) for long-term relationship. Can be a marriage of convenience."

INZ assistant general manager Geoff Scott said the agency was assessing the information before deciding on a course of action.

"Immigration New Zealand is very aware of partnership fraud and will assess the information," Scott said.


"Because of the evidence of fraud in this area, INZ considers partnership applications very carefully and we need to be satisfied that the relationship is genuine, stable and likely to endure."

Scott said every application was assessed very robustly to maintain the integrity of the immigration system.

The Herald tried calling the number, but it went straight into voicemail. The advertiser did not respond to our text messages.

NZ Chinese Herald general manager Graham Chin said the advertisement was placed by one of its new salesperson.

"Apparently it has slipped through our radar," Chin said.

"It is certainly not Chinese Herald policy to place these sort of advertisements and the management firmly does not condone or support such actions by any individuals."

Chin said it was an error and the newspaper "regretted it".

"The management has implemented additional robust measures to monitor these advertisements slipping through in the future," Chin added.

He also said the company had yet to be contacted by Immigration New Zealand.

In the 12 months to April 2017, 9874 applications were lodged under the partnership category. Of which, 392 were declined.

India, China and the United Kingdom were the top three nationalities, with 1663, 1370 and 1212 applications.

The number declined from India were 71, and from China 62 and the UK 22.