When Matt Keen first saw his boat, a languishing wreck in the river at Himatangi Beach, he says it was love at first sight.

"One of the lifeguards said ahh Matt, you could probably fix that up, being your trade in the Airforce," says Mr Keen.

So he did. Over the next few years, Matt restored the boat then added a twist, making it a boat with a spa in the back - or a SPOAT.

"It's taken 5 years, two girlfriends, and two hospital visits over the period of time.


Spoat, even comes with an LED lightshow.

"We got an awesome sound system, LED lightshow, chilly bin in the back specially designed in the transom, bottle opener."

Now, Matt is auctioning off 'spoat' as he feels he's no longer able to give her the attention she deserves.

Half the proceeds will go to The Missing WIngman Trust, which supports Air Force families when someone is killed, wounded, injured or becomes ill, whether in New Zealand or overseas.

"I've personally been affected with it with friends that I've lost so this charity is set up to help the families, and to give something back to them."

Spoat is listed on auction website Trade Me.

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