A man has been convicted and ordered to pay a woman emotional harm reparation after taking naked photographs of her without her knowledge and posting them on Facebook.

Hastings man Ubon Ritthisri, 48, appeared in the Hastings District Court yesterday morning after pleading guilty to one charge of making an intimate visual recording.

Police had executed a search warrant at Ritthisri's house after he posted naked photos of his sexual partner on Facebook.

He had met the woman at a motel in Hastings and taken naked photographs of her without her knowledge. He went on to post them on Facebook after the relationship fell apart.


In explanation, he had said he thought it was okay to do this in New Zealand.

Defence counsel Susanne Lott said Ritthisri was "deeply remorseful" for what he had done and added that he was working as a car upholsterer and was in a position to pay reparation.

Judge Bridget Mackintosh said she thought Ritthisri had known that what he was doing was illegal and added that she expected more from him as a New Zealand citizen.

Judge Mackintosh said the harm to the victim had "extended beyond the embarrassment" she had felt and ordered Ritthisri to pay the woman emotional reparation of $500.

The maximum penalty for making an intimate visual recording is three years imprisonment.