A mum who treated herself to a Triple Dip Lotto ticket for Mother's Day has won $1 million.

The Hamilton winner, who wants to remain anonymous, bought her winning ticket from Countdown Te Rapa last week while she was doing her regular grocery shop.

"I normally buy a Power Dip, but with the Mother's Day promotion on I decided that I would treat myself to a Triple Dip - you just never know," she said.

While she doesn't usually check her ticket until the following week, the woman was at home on Saturday night with her family when the Lotto draw came on TV.


"I grabbed my ticket from my wallet and started writing down the numbers as they came out. It was all pretty hectic, as I was trying to scan my ticket to see if I'd won anything at the same time."

When she realised she had four numbers on a single line of her ticket, she started to get excited.

"I knew we'd won something, so got my husband to write down the winning numbers too, just in case I wrote one down wrong," the woman said."Once the draw ended I asked him to read the winning numbers back to me so I could check them off carefully.

"When I saw we had all six in a row my legs started shaking - I couldn't stand up. The kids got in on the action and we were all laughing and carrying on."

While the family were celebrating, the woman's brother called unexpectedly from overseas to catch up on the latest family news.

"It was so bizarre - we'd just found out we were millionaires and then my brother called for a catch-up," the woman said.

"I put him on speaker and shouted 'we've just won Lotto - we're millionaires!' It was so nice to be able to share that special moment with him."

Before heading to bed, she had a big decision to make - where to keep her winning ticket.

"I was so worried I'd lose it overnight somehow, so spent awhile thinking about where to put it. I ended up tucking it away inside the Bible next to my bed - it just seemed like a safe place," the woman said.

With the winnings now in her bank account, she plans to use the money to help her family.

"I want to make sure all the important things are looked after and then I'll treat the family a bit," she said."I've always wanted to fly business class, so I think there will be a family holiday on the cards soon."

The winner is the 18th player to become an overnight millionaire with Lotto so far this year.