A Dunedin man says finding his car vandalised after taking his partner to hospital was ''the last thing'' he needed.

Andrew Ginther discovered large dents and muddy footprints on his late-model Jaguar yesterday morning.

''It's a bit like one thing after another. I was tired when I left A&E and it was midnight so I just jumped in and didn't see the damage until the morning.''

The car, which cost about $160,000 new and $17,000 second-hand, was parked in the Centre City New World carpark.


''Finding a park was the last thing I wanted to be thinking about in that situation,'' Ginter said.

Yesterday Ginther was trying to focus on helping his partner, who remained in hospital with an unknown illness.

''It is a worrying time for us and I have not been able to contact insurance yet.''

He imagined repairs for the car, which he had owned for about six months, would cost about $1500.

''Whoever did this needs to realise that an expensive-looking car is not owned by Donald Trump, and that people who have nice cars don't have endless amounts of money.''

He believed the car was targeted because of its make.

''I think if it had been an old, beaten-up car it wouldn't have been jumped on.''

He saw a driver damage another car recently and left a note for the owner of the damaged vehicle.

He hoped someone would come forward in a similar way.

A report had been filed with police.