A psychiatric report has concluded a Rotorua man charged with kidnapping a toddler has a defence of insanity.

The report was discussed in Rotorua District Court today where the man's lawyer, Louis Te Kani, said the doctor concluded the accused had a defence of insanity.

The man, who was excused from appearing in court, pleaded not guilty by way of insanity last month.

The man is charged with unlawfully carrying off an 18-month-old without consent with intent to cause him to be confined. The alleged offending happened in Rotorua in December.


Crown solicitor Amanda Gordon requested a second psychiatric report as a "matter of prudence".

The report will be carried out by the Crown's psychiatrist.

The man's interim name suppression has been continued, though will be addressed at his next appearance.

He was remanded in custody until June 30.