A Hastings man who murdered his former partner at her home has had an appeal to cut his sentence short denied.

Raymond Shayne Christison pleaded guilty to murdering Gail Constant Bower in 2013, but in April told the Court of Appeal the minimum sentence imposed was too long.

He argued his remorse, guilty plea and diminished responsibility - given he was diagnosed with a depressive illness after the attack - weren't taken into account.

He was sentenced to life in prison with a 17-year non-parole period in September 2013.


Previously Christison argued he had only meant to scratch Ms Bower's car when he went to her home.

In a ruling on Tuesday, the court said his claim was contradicted by the fact he turned up with a balaclava and a hunting knife.

He'd allegedly told his mother he "just wanted to kill the b****", according to transcripts.

The court declined the appeal on the basis the offending was "carefully and deliberately planned", involved very high levels of brutality, and Christison had no obvious mental health concerns.

Ms Bower died from "a short but extremely violent attack", and had received 23 stab wounds among several other injuries.