A lawyer who specialises in medical ethics and health law says we might be concerned about a child of a prisoner who's born through IVF and their relationship with their father.

Convicted murderer Karl Nuku has petitioned Parliament for inmates to be able to father children via artificial insemination, as well as donate organs.

He killed a Wellington man with a hammer in 2010, and is serving life in prison with a non-parole period of 18 years.

Dunedin lawyer Alison Douglass told Rachel Smalley on Newstalk ZB today there's a very big difference between a prisoner who's already in a close relationship and wants to access IVF "compared with creating a baby with, let's say, a near stranger".


Douglass said prisoners should have the right to donate blood, organs or sperm like anyone else - but using the sperm for their own purposes would be trickier.

She said you still need the consent of the partner to have an IVF baby.