A Kapiti District councillor is not allowed to meet female staff without a chaperone after a complaint was laid about him "making contact" as he moved behind a female co-worker after a meeting.

David Scott said allegations he pressed himself against the woman after a meeting are "hurtful", and he does not recall such an incident.

He might have squeezed past her as she was speaking to Mayor K Gurunathan, but would not have pressed his crotch against her from behind, he said.

Gurunathan confirmed this morning a police report had been filed by a staff member and internal council processes were being followed, but would not confirm the allegations.


Scott, 71, told the Herald he had not been contacted by police and only knew of the alleged incident from the mayor and chief executive of the council.

"Evidently they said I squeezed past and made contact," he said.

Scott said he'd recently had surgery on his penis and it would have been too painful to press himself against the woman. He also said he did not recall putting his hands on her hips.

"If my hands were anywhere in that region as I went past, it would have been to defend myself."

Scott, a diabetic, said he was feeling shaky from not eating and was on his way to the food table to get some lunch. He remembered having to squeeze past people to get to the food.

He received an email from the woman several days later, saying she was upset about the incident and suggesting it was done on purpose. Scott said he offered an apology but has not been able to explain himself further to her as he is not allowed to contact her.

His committee chairmanship has been stripped and he has also been told if he is to meet with any female council staff member there will be someone escorting them.

Scott said there was nothing further he could do at this point.


"It's my reputation at stake, it's all been blown, really.

"I've always respected women, my 71 years of life I have never had any calls. Nothing else has happened in my life."

Scott said the accusations were "very hurtful for me and my family".

Gurunathan would not say anything more about the allegations, except that his main concern was for the "mental safety" of his female staff, and that it was "a very serious matter that needs to go through the processes".

"Everyone has got their rights to a fair process," he said.

"The last thing I want to see is any sort of re-victimisation."

A police spokeswoman could not confirm whether a report was filed against Scott.