A Wellington couple so distraught over the loss of their cat have put up a billboard in the city in a bid to find her.

People walking or driving down Abel Smith St may have the words "have you seen Ninja?" jump out at them from the billboard, put up on the side of a building.

Simon Lyons said his 9-year-old pet went missing two and half months ago. She was last seen on February 15. He has handed out fliers, started a Facebook page, visited former homes, and made an online lost pet alert.

Lyons said a customer at his work owned the side of building the billboard was put up on, and printed the billboard for free. Lyons spent a couple hundred dollars printing out fliers, and used the design from those for the billboard.


The beloved feline friend went missing after a move from Kilbirnie to Johnsonville. Her owners have visited former homes to call out for her, but with no luck.

"It's hard even talking about her, to be honest," Lyons said tearfully on Tuesday.

"It sucks, you know? After so long having her around."

Ninja is a small grey, white and tabby short-haired cat with a microchip.

"She's, like, a lovely cat," he said.

The irony of the name Ninja was not lost on Lyons. He said they named her that because even as a kitten she possessed "stealth and the ability to access any area that she wanted", but also hid herself "pretty well".

"It would be good to get her back," said Lyons.

Anyone with information can email lostinjville@gmail.com to pass on details to Lyons.