Residents of a block of flats in Henderson are cleaning up after floodwater flowed through their homes this morning.

But they fear the situation may become even worse this afternoon.

Brenda Kendall owns one of the units on Garelja Rd and said her tenants are making arrangements to stay elsewhere tonight after the fire service had to be called to pump water off the property this morning.

Kendall had a call from her property manager this morning saying firefighters were pumping out her two-bedroom rental unit.


She said Henderson Creek had flooded and filled up the drainage system in Henderson Valley, forcing water through the block of units.

She believed that the water that flooded through her rental property was contaminated with sewage and tests were being done to confirm this.

Kendall said she had been told Henderson Creek had a sewage overflow.

"I'm worried about what's coming next. I wanted to put my tenants up [somewhere else] but my insurance won't pay for it and I'm a pensioner," Kendall said.