Enjoy tomorrow's sunshine - as a blast of cold wet weather is likely to arrive next week.

Fine, settled and warm weather is forecast for most of New Zealand tomorrow.

MetService meteorologist Peter Little said that was thanks to a ridge of high pressure laying across both the North and South Island.

"There are some showers around the edges, maybe some cloud about in the morning, but generally a pretty fine day across the country.


"In the far north there will be a few showers, they clear off around the evening. "

Temperatures in Auckland are expected to reach 22C, while Wellingtonians should expect a high of 20C.

Some wind is about over the next couple of days, but it is limited to Wellington and parts of the South Island.

The pleasant outlook is expected to last for the next few days, so enjoy the sunshine while you can.

By midweek the weather is expected to pack in again.

"We see another front around the middle of the week, that's a fairly significant system that'll bring rain to most places," Little said.

"It'll also have a cool southerly change in behind.

"Wellington's had its fair share of wind this summer, and that change around midweek could mean it turns gale-force."

The nasty weather hits the South Island first, with rain in Christchurch from Wednesday.

It will spread up the country through the tail end of the week, leaving both Wellington and Auckland soggy by the time next weekend rolls around.