Foreign Minister Murray McCully will be hosted by Donald Trump's secretary of state at a counter-Islamic State meeting in Washington DC.

Rex Tillerson will host McCully next Wednesday at the Counter-Isil Foreign Ministers' meeting.

"New Zealand is committed to supporting Iraq as it addresses the threat posed by ISIL and works to stabilise affected communities," McCully said.

"The defeat of Isil is more than a military campaign. The Coalition will review progress across all lines of effort, including the important work being done to undermine Isil's propaganda and cut off its finances.


"As ISIL finds itself on the back foot in Iraq and Syria, we want to work with our Coalition partners to ensure that Isil does not find safe haven elsewhere."

New Zealand has contributed about $26 million since 2012 in humanitarian assistance for people caught up in violence in Syria and Iraq.

Tillerson's appointment by Trump saw him become the first secretary of state in modern history with no experience of public office.

He joined ExxonMobil in 1975 as a production engineer and became the company's chairman and chief executive in 2006.