Eric Chuah, founder of market research company Cultural Connections, says a lack of information about Asians and migrants makes it hard for Kiwis to know these communities.

"There's a lot of stats about migrants coming to New Zealand, but once they arrive here we don't know anything about them at all," Chuah said.

The 37-year-old this year left a senior job as head of migrant banking at ANZ earlier to start a social enterprise, aimed at finding more about people in migrant communities.

Migrants make up more than a quarter of New Zealand's population and nearly four in 10 in Auckland.


"By finding out more about migrants needs, Kiwis will be able to appreciate the challenges that they face," said Chuah.

"It's well and good saying Kiwis do not know Asians, but it's hard when there's currently hardly any information out there."

Chuah believed it was in the interest of Kiwi businesses to get to know migrant communities better.

"Their financial power is 15 times of those New Zealand born, and would be an attractive segment of customers," he said.

"We need data, we need to understand how migrants are doing over here, and we need to ask Kiwis how they think migrants can better integrate over here."

Chuah is looking for 10,000 migrants to join his research panel base.

He said food, sports and music were things that could be used to bring Kiwis and communities together.

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