Key Points:

Nasa's footage of New Zealand from space is a beautiful thing. Here we recall the best shots of the country from astronauts, satellites and the International Space Station, proving NZ is not only a beautiful country on the ground but it also looks incredible from the sky.

Banks Peninsula

Ignazio Manani's fly by

The International Space Station spots a rocket over New Zealand

Mt Taranaki - A perfect circle

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared this photo from the International Space Station.

Tim Peake's view from space

Astronauts work on the International Space Station

New Zealand: One week in September

Nasa released time-lapse footage of the North and South Islands recorded during a week in September last year. Note the hypnotic nature of wind funnelling between the islands, sea fog and cloud movement.

The extent of Auckland's urban sprawl can be seen from space

A beautiful day in Windy Wellington!

Auckland looking beautiful at night from the ISS