Labour politician Carmel Sepuloni is among West Auckland residents whose homes have been damaged in flash floods during the weekend.

The Kelston MP has been out and about in her electorate and surrounding areas following Sunday's floods, which hit parts of the Kelston, New Lynn, Green Bay, Glen Eden and Titirangi areas.

She said her home had been damaged by floods, but was keeping upbeat about the situation.

"In solidarity West Auckland. Got home and my whole downstairs is flooded,'' she wrote on Facebook.


"Trying to look on the bright side. The carpet needed cleaning.''

She visited the homes of those affected, speaking with one resident who said he and his neighbours would be spending the night in a motel.

Others she had spoken to had lost everything, Sepuloni said.

She told the Herald the whole downstairs of her home had been flooded.

She, like many others, would be accessing whether any of the furniture and carpet could be saved.

"It's not much compared to some of the houses that I visited yesterday. Other people have lost everything.

"Lots of people don't have contents insurance but we've had a lot of people get in touch with my office wanting to help."

Some of the residents she had visited had been put up in emergency housing.


Others would be back home trying to clean up.

Members of the public were quick to offer donations to those families who needed them, asking Sepuloni for details about where they could drop off furniture and clothes.

Sepuloni said she would be in touch with people who were needing help and would contact them accordingly.

"If you know of families that still require help following the flooding, please get in touch with my office: (09) 818 4131.

"If they live in New Lynn, we'll put them in touch with [MP] David Cunliffe's office.

"Lots of people have private messaged me saying they want to help families who have lost furniture, etc. We may call on those donations."