People are drenched and confused as chaos erupts in Britomart due to canceled and delayed trains in catastrophic weather.

Herald reporter Brittany Keogh was trying to get home to Botany from Britomart Train Station. She said she had been waiting for 20 minutes and only seen one train go past that looked "quite insane".

"The 622 service was just packed like sardines. It looked like the underground in London. People were leaning on the doors."

Passengers stuck outside the train as weather chaos hits again. Photo / Supplied
Passengers stuck outside the train as weather chaos hits again. Photo / Supplied

Keogh said all the Onehunga services were delayed indefinitely and the eastern line was being redirected through Newmarket. She said there were conflicting instructions and people were walking around confused.


"We're so delayed. Everyone's just drenched, it's real chaotic."

Keogh is now on the eastern line and said it was announced over the loud speakers that they will be travelling on the tracks that trains heading north usually take.

Auckland Transport tweeted that Onehunga line customers are to use the Southern line services and transfer to a rail shuttle between Penrose platform 3 and Onehunga.

Trains have reportedly stopped on the tracks around Glen Innes due to the bad weather.

Aucklander Daman Singh said his daughter rang him to say she had been stuck in a train for 15 minutes.

"The trains are waiting to get the water cleared but the weather is getting worse so I don't think it's going to be clear very soon."

AT spokesman Mark Hannan said all he knew was there was a "reduced service on the eastern line".

"It's inevitable in weather like this.


"[The train] will be waiting to get clearance to carry on. They have to make sure the line ahead is clear."