Two people have been arrested after a string of packages from residents' homes went missing on Auckland's North Shore.

iPads, stationary and clothing had been reported stolen by people living in the Chatswood and Birkdale areas.

The arrested pair are facing more than 22 charges of unlawfully opening a postal article and are due to appear in the North Shore District Court later this month.

The arrests came after multiple packages went missing from the Chatswood and Birkdale areas, a police spokesman confirmed.


"The same alleged offenders came to our attention for similar offending in Whangaparaoa and in West Auckland."

As the matter was before the courts, the police said they couldn't comment on whether the packages had been recovered.

Beach Haven residents had been puzzled as to where their packages were going.

Reports of missing deliveries were circulating on Rangatira Rd and neighbouring streets.

Ashleah Copeland, a Fordham St resident, said she had three packages go missing in the past two months.

"It was clothing from Trade Me, an iPad, and stationery we'd ordered from the Warehouse."

Copeland said she was particularly upset about the most recent package disappearance -an iPad - as it was for her autistic son.

"I'm not a person that tends to get mad, but I'm very hurt. We'd saved for that iPad because YouTube videos really calm him. That was something he needed."

Copeland said her landlord and mother-in-law a few houses down also had packages go missing.

"I'm just really hurt that someone felt okay doing it."

Rangatira Rd resident Alex Larsen said a package of makeup items she left in her letterbox for a friend to pick up a few weeks ago had disappeared.

Larsen said she felt particularly bad for her friend as she'd "taken time out of her day to come pick up the items I'd left for her", only to find they weren't there.

"When I realised what had happened I was just pretty annoyed."

Police advised a lock on letterboxes could prevent packages from being stolen.

- Te Waha Nui