An old six-bedroom villa on the market in Hastings is a bargain property and business in one, on sale for just a smidgen more than the national average property price.

A.J.'s Backpacker Lodge on Hasting's Southland Road in the centre of town has been listed for $655,000, just $23,651 more than QV's current national average.

The villa, which houses up to 24 guests, comes with a self-contained apartment that includes a spacious bedroom, dining area and kitchen that can be used as the owner's private space.

Set on 911sqm of land the property has a CV of $445,000, or $57,987 more than the QV average house price in Hastings of $397,013.


But at just more then half the $1.2 million average house price in Auckland, the property could still be a good deal for an aspiring home and business owner struggling to find a house in the bigger city.

Owner Maureen Miller, 67, has lived there for 10 years after buying the business off an acquaintance and moving to the Hawke's Bay city from Auckland.

Despite having lived 57 years of her life in the bigger city, she didn't regret her move to the regions and particularly enjoyed the lack of traffic.

"With the traffic you blink and you miss it ... it's a great lifestyle. When I want to go somewhere, I know when to leave and what time I'm going to arrive."

Although she also enjoyed running the backpacking business, she said it was time to sell up and retire.

"I'm going to buy a boat and go sailing," she said. "I'm just going to go solo sailing on the Hauraki Gulf, the Bay of Islands.

"Nothing too exciting, but it's just that I love the water and love being out on the water."

While the building might need a bit of work Miller said it was in a good condition and business was steady.

"It was a bit of a mess when I got it, but it's been completely upgraded, I've enjoyed doing that."

She said the backpacking season was busiest around summer and where there were big events in the Bay.

"Every time the summer season comes around ... I've sent people away, I can fill the place six times over."