A Kiwi woman who was filmed not wearing a seat belt said she can't wear the safety device because it doesn't fit her.

In a video rant, recorded by a passenger, the motorist says that she could sue if she crashes her car - because belts should be made bigger.

In the footage she is heard saying: "If they're going to give me a fine for not fitting my seat belt, it's racist. Do they think the whole world is skinny?"

Footage of the woman driving was posted to Facebook page the The Uce Hub and has since been viewed over 500,000 times.


Her question is met with hysterical laughter by her passenger who questioned the woman as to why she didn't have her belt on.

The woman suggests that being fat is a race when explaining why she shouldn't have to wear the seat belt.

"If they're gonna give me a fine for not fitting my seat belt, that's just racist," the woman said.

"Do they think the whole world is skinny or something."

The woman even points the blame for her not being able to wear a seat belt at the car manufacturers for not making seat belts large enough.

"I could actually sue, what if I crash and something happens to me because the seat belt couldn't go around me," she said.