Battling Glen Innes tenant Niki Rauti appears likely to seek a rehearing after the Tenancy Tribunal granted her landlord a possession order over her former state house.

Rauti, 62, is tonight consulting a lawyer and her supporters.

Tenancy Tribunal adjudicator Philip McKinstry is understood to have granted a possession order over her home at 14 Taniwha St to Tamaki Regeneration Ltd, which took ownership of the house along with 2700 other houses in the area from Housing NZ last year.

But the tribunal office said it was unable to release a copy of the decision because "there appears to be a rehearing application pending on this matter".


Rauti said she could not confirm that she would seek a rehearing until after tonight's meeting.

Both Rauti and Tamaki Regeneration Ltd also declined to provide a copy of the tribunal's decision, which Rauti received yesterday.

"Our hands are tied because there is someone else involved, nothing has been confirmed," Rauti said.

Meanwhile she said the company had made another approach to offer her an alternative house to move into.

"They did say that they would like to catch up," she said.

"I'm not feeling the best today ... When I feel better I might go and look at this place on offer."

Rauti has lived in her house for 21 years but the company wants the land for redevelopment.

Rauti has turned down several other offers of alternative houses because they were either damp or two-storied.

"I can't get up stairs," she said. "I can get up one, two, three steps, but it's hard because of my arthritis in my knee."

Tamaki Regeneration housing general manager Neil Porteous said he was pleased that a decision had been reached.

"We will now be working with the relevant authorities to obtain legal possession of the property. The timelines for this are not within TRC's control," he said.

"We have other properties available for Ms Rauti in the area. We welcome her getting in touch with us to discuss the options.

"We understand this is a difficult time for Ms Rauti but TRC has been transparent with her about the redevelopment plans and tried to communicate with her at every opportunity."