Stirling Sports hadn't even replaced its shop front before it was ram raided for the second time in five weeks.

At around 12.30am on Monday morning six people - including a 12-year-old offender - raided the sports store on Alexandra St.

In three minutes offenders stole armfuls of stock and loaded it into three stolen vehicles, CCTV footage shows.

Shop owner Richard Waters says there was also a car accident in Pirongia on Monday morning linked to the ram raid.


One of the cars crashed into a ditch and police dogs reportedly chased offenders, he says.

Since the crash police have recovered four bags of stolen goods from the car.

However, the goods are wet and muddy and won't be fit for sale.

Mr Waters is unsure of the total value of the stolen stock but estimates it is more than last time.

Richard Waters and his brother Mike have owned Stirling Sports for 14 years.

This has been the second ram raid in a month, bringing the store's burglary total to three.

Stirling Sports' first ram raid was on Thursday, January 19 at around 3am.

Four offenders used one car to raid $12,000 worth of stock.

"Ram raids seem to be the popular thing to do at the moment," Mr Waters says.

"To see this happen again is frustrating."

Mr Waters says he is unsure whether or not the two ram raids are related.

He says it's likely the second ram raid could be a copycat of the first.

The shop front has not been replaced since the last ram raid.

"At least the front of the shop is still temporary."

"Insurance will cover this again."

The store remained closed on Monday while Police investigated the scene.

Mr Waters says throughout the day members of the community showed their kindness in the form of coffee, baking and kind words.

"We'd like to thank the community for all the support during both of these incidences."

"We feel very humbled."

After January's ram raid Stirling Sports received similar help from the community.

"It makes it much easier to keep moving forward and piece everything back together."