Changes have been announced to Lotto, including the introduction of a division seven winner category and bigger Powerball prizes.

The changes will come at an increased cost of 10 cents per line, with the price of Powerball to rise by 20c per line.

Lotto NZ's Chief Executive Wayne Pickup announced the changes in a press release this afternoon.

The changes were to improve game play for customers, Pickup said.


"We've listened to what players have asked for - more ways to win and bigger prizes ... over 770 Kiwis have become millionaires overnight through playing Lotto, and we're looking forward to continuing that winning streak for our players."

Changes include:

● A new division seven for matching three Lotto numbers on one line

● Bigger Powerball prizes across all divisions

● The ability to play Strike on its own

● New dip tickets

Lotto NZ exists to generate money for community purposes and last year returned $204 million to the NZ Lottery Grants Board, Pickup said.

"Thanks to Lotto players, thousands of community projects are made possible every year."

Lotto funding is also a major source of funding for Sport New Zealand, Creative New Zealand and the New Zealand Film Commission, he said.

The changes take effect from April 2.