Police have today charged a man with the murder of Haumoana resident Mark Geoffrey Beale.

Last month police found 45-year-old Mr Beale, assaulted and left for dead on a Haumoana beach in Hawke's Bay.

He was rushed to Hawke's Bay Hospital, but died of his injuries overnight.

Today Detective Inspector Mike Foster said a 19-year-old Hastings man had been charged with the murder of Beale.


He will be appearing in court tomorrow.

A week into the investigation, police announced they were looking to identify three Maori men seen at the popular spot at the Tukituki river mouth.

As well as being a favoured fishing spot - including for Beale - the reserve is a popular area for dog walking, cycling, and other recreational activities.

Foster said the man charged was one of the three men.

All three had been spoken to, but there were no charges laid against the other men.