A purported collection of works from late famed art forger Carl Goldie is for sale on Trade Me with a start price of $120,000.

Goldie, who legally changed his name from Karl Sim to Carl Feodor Goldie, was the first New Zealander to be convicted for art forgery.

He changed his name following his conviction in the 1980s for copying and selling paintings and drawings by artists such as Charles F Goldie, Rita Angus and Colin McCahon, so he could legitimately sign his CF Goldie copies.

Goldie died aged 89 in 2013, and now a person describing themselves as an old friend is selling dozens of examples of his work on Trade Me.


The New Zealand Herald was not able to verify the authenticity of the work, but photos posted for the auction show art works scattered across the floor, including sketches of the Queen, and examples of some of Charles F Goldie's most famous turn of the 20th century paintings of Maori.

The seller said some of the work included that done by Carl Goldie as a child.

"Carl was New Zealand's best art forger and forged 86 artists around the world.
I have signed books of his as I use to sell them for him, called Good as Goldie," the seller wrote.

The auction, which is yet to receive a bid, closes just before noon today.