Twenty-four-year-old Greymouth glass worker Sarah Bellis took on the big boys and won to be the last car standing in the demolition derby at Greenstone Park Speedway, on Saturday.

Drving a Honda Civic and competing against 20 other drivers, Bellis survived in a battle of attrition on the testing circuit and under the searing summer sun.

She had finished close on previous occasions in the male dominated sport so victory was sweet this time around.

"Last year I rolled but this year everything went right," Bellis said.


"The 20 cars started and anything in front, I just hit. Vehicles either stopped working or gave up as they couldn't go any further. My Honda just kept going ... I blew my radiator but got through all right, but I blew my clutch getting it back on the trailer later.

"It just shows, females can do it in what is a pretty tough competition. There are a lot of very experienced drivers out there."

Bellis also races in the mini stocks section and is more than competitive in that racing, too.

"I've been involved since I was 13 years old. My dad got me into it as he was the fireman at the meetings and I would go along with him. The first car dad bought me was a mini stock and I've been racing ever since."

The next speedway meeting at Greenstone Park is on March 4 - "I can't wait!" she

- Greymouth Star