A 4.8-magnitude quake has struck near North Canterburty - one of several strong aftershocks still jolting the region more than three months after the 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake.

It hit 5km north-west of the town of Culverden about 2.15pm at a depth of 24km.​

Nearly 800 people, including Greymouth and Lower Hutt residents, reported feeling the earthquake.

It comes after another challenging natural event - the Port Hills fires - which have been raging near Christchurch for nearly a week.


However, the aftershock didn't faze some Cantabrians who posted on social media that they were only bothered by larger quakes.

"Just a little shove, nothing too fabulous," one man wrote.

A Methven woman said she thought the shaking was caused by trucks driving past.

But a Spencerville resident said it was "a good one" and another woman, from Culverden, said she "heard it coming. No good for the anxiety".

Other Facebook users feared it was a sign that worse was yet to come.

Just minutes later another light aftershock hit 5km away. At 2.20pm a 3.3-magnitude quake rocked the area. It struck at a similar depth to the first, and about 500 people said they felt the shaking.