More than 150 homes remained cordoned off as more damaged property is discovered from last week's devastating Port Hills wildfire.

Today, the Christchurch City Council said nine homes had been destroyed, two more had been partially damaged, including cracked windows and heat damage, and three properties had damage to sheds or outbuildings.

In its latest update, the council said 154 Port Hill properties were still off-limits to residents, most on Kennedys Bush Rd.

With the fire now under control experts are working to see if homes on slopes affected by the wildfire are at further risk of potentially catastrophic rock and boulder falls.


Flare-ups remain a real threat a week after the wildfires broke out but a new problem is emerging, preventing homeowners from getting back into their properties.

Geotechnical assessments had been carried out this morning on the slopes above residential areas.

Civil Defence controller John Mackie said while the slopes above these areas appear sound, this could change if there was a heavy rain.

He said the assessment was a positive step towards reducing the risk associated with the fire.

However, he said there is still potential for a flare-up or for the fire to spread.

Infra-red imaging was also carried out this morning and results are being analysed.

The Christchurch City Council said it is examining the risk exposed rocks and boulders pose where the vegetation has been burnt off and if there is a potential threat to homes below.

Geotechnical engineers from Christchurch City Council and Aurecon made assessments on the slopes above Dyers Pass Rd. The council said getting this information was a factor in assessing the risk before people were allowed to return home.

At the same time those fighting the fire are keeping watch on the forecast as temperatures start tracking upwards to 30C in the next 48 hours.

Second timelapse video of the fire, taken after sundown and into the night by Dru Norriss

They warn there is still a high risk of flare-ups and forecast weather conditions may present challenges.

The weather is expected to be fine for the next couple of days with a high of 28C tomorrow, lower humidity and strengthening north-easterly winds.

In the latest council update residents have been told firefighters are continuing in force on the ground today but aerial operations would be significantly reduced this afternoon while air crew attended the funeral of helicopter pilot Steve Askin.

Morning low cloud prevented aerial firefighting at some higher altitude hot spots however helicopters still took to the skies in parts of the Port Hills deemed safe to fly.

The risk of hot spots had declined although fresh danger spots had appeared.

Rural Fire Liaison Officer Darrin Woods said the risk of vegetation igniting was reassessed this morning.

"At this stage, it's unlikely that further restricted access will be allowed beyond the cordons on Kennedys Bush Road, Hoon Hay Valley Road, and Worsleys Road on Monday," Woods said.

"This is due to the identification of areas of significant residual heat on uncontained fire edges in these locations."

Mackie said access was still restricted to reserves and tracks on the hills where the fire has been extinguished.

This was based on safety reasons as the fire had caused new hazards that were not always visible.

"There is an ongoing risk to the public if the fire flares-up and we need to know who is in the area around the fire," he said.

Yesterday cordons were temporarily lifted with 200 residents from Kennedys Bush Rd, Hoon Hay Valley Rd and parts of Worsley Rd able to get back into their homes for the first time since they were evacuated last week.

Residents were told they would know this afternoon at the earliest if there were any changes to the cordon map.

Power had been restored to 85 more homes during the weekend as crews from power company Orion replaced damaged poles.

This morning around 40 customers remained without power in the Port Hills area.

Orion said restoring services to the remaining homes in the area would be a priority for the coming week, and would continue to be done progressively as crews were given access by emergency services to the affected areas.

The Port Hills wildfire spans 2075 hectares.

The main firefighting effort is taking place in the area above Dyers Pass Rd below the Sign of the Kiwi cafe and into Victoria Park, in and around Sugar Loaf, the area around Marleys Hill and the along the southern flank of the fire where there is still a risk of it escaping out into unburnt fuel.