Freelance cameraman Damon Forde has filmed a house being saved from the fire on the Christchurch Port Hills today.

He is livestreaming video from the intersection of Dyers Pass Rd and Westenra Tce, looking towards Sugarloaf, and media transmission stations and towers near Summit Rd.

"That seems to be the hottest part of the fire," Forde said.

"They seem to have got everything else pretty much under control, although there are flare-ups."


Forde this morning filmed a house near licking flames in burning grass and trees.

Mobile and app users: Click here to watch the stream -"There were about three ground crews who saved that one. It was pretty close. That was before the helicopters started."

"The wind has come up a couple of knots. But they [firefighters] seem to be keeping on top of it. I can't see any flames at the moment, which is a good thing."