It's the Kentucky Fried declaration of love that you never knew you wanted, but 3000 Kiwis were hoping to win.

KFC gave away 20 chicken bouquets today, for the Valentine's Day romantics who were feeling peckish.

The bouquets were made up of popcorn chicken, crispy strips and drumsticks.

The Facebook post announcing the competition put KFC lovers in a flap, with over 3000 comments, 2100 likes, and 228 shares.


Ollie Mason-Clarke, also known online as the King of Cheat Meals, was lucky enough to get a bouquet from his partner Sarah Collier.

"It was a pretty sweet present, to be honest.

"I haven't had a bouquet of fried chicken before, and probably won't again.

"It's a little more memorable than your average Valentine's gift."

There was no fowl play when it came to eating the bouquet, with Mr Mason-Clarke solving that problem by eating most of it himself.

"I was nice enough to give her a couple of tenders though."

Some might say that would ruffle her feathers, but Mr Mason-Clarke had already hatched a plan to make sure he stayed in the good books

She received cupcakes on the morning of Valentine's Day, and was taken out for a dessert degustation over the weekend.

Ollie Mason-Clarke was among some known KFC fans to receive the bouquets, with others including Brodie Kane, Colin Mathura-Jefree, and Sam Wallace.