Angus Little was building a mansion, and forgetting he had three boring hours of chemotherapy to go through.

Now the 9-year-old, who has an inoperable brain tumour, is wondering who would steal a Playstation from sick kids like himself.

The Taita boy is one of 15 children who have appointments at Wellington Hospital's oncology ward day stay unit where the donated Playstation 4 is usually kept.

The Playstation was bolted to a trolley in the ward, but someone managed to pry it free last weekend.


Now the kids have no Playstation to distract them from their cancer treatment.

Angus heard the bad news when he arrived for his weekly chemotherapy appointment - he's one year into an 18-month course of treatment - yesterday, his dad David Little told the Herald.

There were tears.

"He was really upset ... his favourite game is Minecraft. He'd built up quite a good mansion and the game was inside the console.

"We just tried to say 'unfortunately these things happen'."

David Little and his son, Angus Little, during a visit to Auckland. Photo / Supplied via Facebook
David Little and his son, Angus Little, during a visit to Auckland. Photo / Supplied via Facebook

They felt for the other children affected, too, and hoped funds could be raised for a new Playstation, Little said.

"I have no idea why people would even think about [stealing from sick kids], other than greed."

Capital and Coast District hospital and healthcare services' general manager Chris Lowry
said the theft had been reported to police, but there were no suspects.

"We are extremely disappointed that someone would choose to steal something used to occupy and cheer up children who are undergoing treatment.

"Given that hundreds of patients and visitors come through Wellington Regional Hospital every day, we sometimes experience instances of theft despite our best efforts to prevent it."

The Playstation was donated by the Wellington Hospitals Foundation, Lowry said.

Anyone who wanted to help following the theft could do so by donating to the Wellington Hospitals Foundation via their website