Brookfield New World is the latest Lotto shop to sell a lucky ticket.

On Saturday night one lucky Tauranga punter won $1 million in First Division Lotto.

Brookfield New World Lotto checkout operator Kay Gordon said it had been a lucky two weeks with $16,000 won at the store last weekend.

"All you hope is that the money ends up with a lovely person or family."


The winning at the store was as exciting for those who worked there, as it was for those who actually won the money, Ms Gordon said.

"You tear up so many losing tickets, it's a real buzz to know a winning one came out of the store."

It was a huge day on Saturday for ticket sales, she said.

"It had been quiet for weeks, then Saturday was just madness. There must have been something in the air for us to be that busy. People must have been feeling lucky."

Brookfield New World Lotto checkout operator James Bowkett said only having been working at the store for three months it was exciting knowing he might have sold the lucky ticket.

"The person who has won it is extremely lucky, but it is also lucky for the person who sold them that ticket," he said.

Mr Bowkett said he hoped the winner would come in store and claim the ticket.

"I really hope it is one of the regulars who we see all the time. It will be very cool to see who it is."

The last winning ticket was sold in the store was in 2012.

Lotto NZ senior communications advisor Kirsten Robinson said the $1m winning ticket had not yet been officially claimed.

Powerball was not struck on Saturday and was rolled over to Wednesday night, where the jackpot will be $5.5m.

Anyone who bought a ticket from New World Brookfield store should sign the back of the ticket and check it immediately at any Lotto outlet, online at or through the Lotto NZ ticket-checker app.