Drought-stricken parts of Northland have had a welcome burst of heavy rain but it may be the last the region sees of rain clouds for another fortnight.

Weatherwatch.co.nz said a narrow but substantial band of rain formed over the upper North Island overnight bringing downpours to the eastern side of Northland and parts of Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula.

The band moved slightly meaning Auckland City stayed fairly dry while those in the east of Northland, particularly Whangarei, Bay of Islands, Waitangi and Russell were deluged.

Weatherwatch said this would be great news for those experiencing drought conditions and needing rain water tanks filled and giving farms and gardens a much-needed watering.

However for many farmers it wouldn't be enough to make up for what hadn't fallen over the past few months. And the western side of Northland remained mostly dry, especially along the coastline.


Auckland city was too far to the west of the rain band and the gulf islands enjoyed the heaviest downpours.

Many regions from Hawke's Bay north had rain but conditions were set to dry up again today with the likelihood of no rain for 10 days or more, said Weatherwatch.