Opposition to Redcliffs School's move to Redcliffs Park is continuing to snowball.

Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board member Darrell Latham knows the relocation of the school is a difficult decision but says it is the wrong one.

"From my perspective, Hekia Parata (Education Minister) has in many ways dealt the Redcliffs community a poisoned chalice."

From his perspective, the Main Rd site was the best location for the school and expert advice provided to Ms Parata proved it was safe, he said.


He could not understand why the ministry had decided to move the school from Main Rd to an area that was susceptible to coastal erosion, contaminated land and tsunamis.

The community was thrilled Redcliffs School would stay open, but it would come at a "tricky cost," Mr Latham said.

He said Ms Parata decided Redcliffs Park would be suitable as the new site.

However, Friends of Redcliffs Park chairwoman Simi Desor said there was nothing wrong with the original school site.

"The old school site is perfectly safe and perfectly fine to keep," she said.

"If the school is the heart of the community, that particular park is really the soul of the community and we would like to preserve the park."

National list MP Nuk Korako respects some members of the community have a preference for the original site but the advice received by the Ministry of Education points to Redcliffs Park being a better site for a school.

"The ministry will be working with Christchurch City Council to acquire the land, and that will involve consultation with the land owners," he said.


Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson reflected many of the views expressed by the community.

She said there was no logical reason for the school to be rebuilt at Redcliffs Park.

"There is no reason behind the [decision]."

Redcliffs Residents' Association chairman Chris Doudney is one of several people trying to fight the ministry's decision.

He said it would save time and money if the school stayed at its original site and the community could continue using the park.

"It's a waste of a site and a waste of money."