A Bolivian squirrel monkey has been born at Auckland Zoo.

The cute new addition arrived in the early hours of January 28.

The baby, which weighs around 60g, will spend the next couple of weeks on its mother Romy's back. It is yet to be named as its sex won't be known for a few weeks.

It can be visited in the zoo's rain forest area, which is home to 13 squirrel monkeys and a capybara.


By eight weeks, it should weigh between 200 and 280g.

It will be fully independent by 10 months and weigh between 750 to 1100g when it's fully grown.

Squirrel monkeys are one of the world's smallest primates and also one of the cleverest. They have a very large brain for their size.

Squirrel monkeys spend 99 per cent of their lives in the trees.