One hundred dollars is up for grabs for anyone who can find another intersection in Christchurch which has the same amount of lanes — and no traffic lights — as a dangerous junction in Harewood.

City councillor Aaron Keown has laid down the challenge and will give $100 to the first person who can find an intersection the same as that which links Harewood, Breens and Gardiners roads.

"All up, there are 10 lanes that converge at that point. I don't think there is another intersection like that in the city, that doesn't have lights," he said.

The intersection has been labelled dangerous by local schools and residents.


Nor'West News reported in September that residents, schools and elected officials all want a change to the intersection due to near misses with school pupils, cars and cyclists.

More than 1700 people signed a petition set up by Cr Keown calling for lights to be installed. It was also the main focus of his 2016 campaign to be elected to the city council in the Harewood Ward.

He is now using the petition to lobby for money to be set aside for the upgrade in the city council's annual plan.

A draft version of the annual plan is expected to be finished in mid- to late-March and put out for public consultation.

"There has been unprecedented interest in this intersection. I am still receiving phone calls and emails asking me what is going on," Mr Keown said.

He plans to set up a public meeting "within the next few weeks" at the site to find out what people would like to see installed and to hear more of their concerns.

"That way we could reduce costs later down the line because we have a lot of the information that consultation would show," he said.

City councillor Yani Johanson attempted to get the $100 by suggesting the intersection of Linwood Ave and St Johns St, but it only has eight lanes which meet.