Summer's slow start hasn't reduced our love of icecream.

Kiwis have slurped their way through almost 6 million scoops of dairy yumminess since November.

Once again, tried and true chocolate flavour still comes out on top, Tip Top managing director Kim Ballinger revealed.

It cracked the most popular list, followed by boysenberry, hokey pokey, cookies and cream, and vanilla.


Dairies, service stations and cafes have served more than 5,874,375 icecream scoops, or more than 1,205,000 litres since summer started.

About 300 team members work to make enough icecream to keep up with demands over Tip Top's 80th summer, Ballinger said.

"Summer is without doubt the busiest time of year for icecream sales as Kiwis flock to the beaches and holiday hotspots, and so far, this season is no exception."

The northern areas of New Zealand are devouring the most icecream. About 54 per cent of all icecream sold so far this summer was eaten in the Upper North Island and the Central North Island, followed by the South Island.

But temperature has the strongest influence on what flavours people go for, Ballinger said.

"Kiwis are well into their scoop icecreams, $2 Trumpets, Memphis Meltdowns and Jelly Tips, right up until the temperatures hit 23C.

"Once that temperature clocks up, Kiwis crave refreshing ice blocks and we see that reflected in our Popsicles sales.

"We love making Kiwis smile every day and it's those moments of connection that really are priceless."