New Zealand's fight for a better summer holiday is going all the way to the Beehive.

Frustrated by less-than-summery conditions, United Future leader Peter Dunne has launched a campaign calling for the start of the holiday period to be moved to February.

Dunne, who successfully campaigned for an extension to daylight savings, has created an online petition to gauge public interest in a later holiday period.

"Our weather patterns are changing and we are increasingly seeing our dreams of a sunny BBQ at a beach turn into keeping the kids at home while weather bombs explode around the country," Dunne said.


"Then, come February when the sun comes out, we all send the kids back to school, to hot and stuffy classrooms.

"That is not the kind of Kiwi summer I think most of us want to see."

He said a change was possible, as proven by the extension to daylight savings from the end of September to the beginning of April in 2007.

It would not require a law change, but the Government would need to work with schools, businesses and public sector agencies ahead of any change.

Dunne said he was "calling on New Zealanders from North Cape to the Bluff" to give their views "so we can then have a proper look at ensuring we can all enjoy a real kiwi summer".

Metservice says temperatures in Auckland have been 1C lower than last summer. Wellington and Christchurch have also been colder than usual.

The colder, more chaotic conditions have hampered or in some cases forced the cancellation of a number of outdoor music and cultural events.