Organisers of the controversial Ignite Light Show on Saturday night have poured cold water on demands for refunds.

Event manager Mark Aldridge says a weather bomb hit Auckland earlier than planned and because several of the acts - including the laser show - went ahead, there would be no refunds.

But that's left many unimpressed. They say the show should have been cancelled earlier, or postponed to the scheduled "rain day" of Sunday.

The Ignite Light Show's website promised a "mind-blowing laser light shows through the night, hot air balloon night glow choreographed to music on dusk, nail-biting fire dancers throughout the night".


Its Facebook page has since been cleared of the angry posts, leading some to question what organisers had to hide.

Because of the overwhelming number of irate posts on the company's page, Aucklander Stewart Ellis set up the Ignite Light Show - Give Us A Fair Go Facebook page.

Ellis said four days on from the event, people were still angry and wanted their money back.

"He should man up. Everyone just wants a refund because there was no show as was touted in all the flyers. There's people out there who are ropeable. It won't go away."

Ellis said hardly anyone saw the acts that Aldridge said went ahead as nobody knew they were happening. He claims there was a lack of communication throughout the night.

"It wasn't even announced that they were doing anything. All they've done is herd people into an area like cattle."

He was further aggrieved to find photos from the event posted on the company's website.

However, he found it interesting that most of the photos were of the acts, not the small crowd.

Kayla Young also attended the show and is upset.

"The tennis was poorly handled at the beginning of the year but at least they gave the money back. They didn't blame the weather."

When questioned again about refunds, Aldridge simply forwarded the Herald a message he'd earlier posted on his Facebook page, which stated: "The best advice we had at the time which was the expected scattered showers around 11pm, which was after the event finished".

"As the weather rapidly changed once started we brought some of the acts forward. However the wet weather arrived earlier than expected and much more extreme. Despite this we tried to bring to you the best show we could with the conditions which included a clown show, fire dancers, laser show and basket burn."

The statement said the unexpected weather bomb was disappointing, "however as the show was held there will be no refunds given".

When asked about the Facebook page, Aldridge said they deleted the posts because of threats made.

As for holding the show on Sunday, Aldridge said the "unexpected arrival of a weather bomb was unfortunate but beyond our control".

The Rotorua show has been cancelled "for logistical reasons due to equipment damage" caused by Saturday's storm. Ticket sales had also been poor.

The response didn't impress Ting Chong Yap, of New Lynn, who went to the show with his wife, daughter and niece.

He said the weather started to turn about 7.30pm and drizzle set in before the rain came.

"As the rain started getting heavy, everyone was asked to move to the grandstand for shelter. We waited 'til about 9pm when a security guard came and advised that the show has been cancelled.

"Yes, there were some lights but it was more like they were doing testing than the actual show. There was no announcement that the show had commenced."

He said reading earlier Herald reports from Aldridge that "most of the show went ahead in the rain and the people who stayed for the light show really enjoyed it" made him "boil with rage".

"It's a blatant lie. It's very irresponsible and dishonest. We stayed until about 9pm when the guard told us the show was cancelled."

Kathleen Turner was unimpressed to hear she wouldn't be getting a refund.

"It's so disappointing as it was not worth the amount of money paid. I will never book through them again."