The event was described as a "mind-blowing spectacle" but it appears to be blowing the minds of some Auckland Ignite Light Show patrons for all the wrong reasons.

Hundreds of event goers have been flooding the company's Facebook page and company website, angry after they were forced to flee the event because of heavy rain and wind.

Most want their money back but the company is not making comment about that just yet.

However, a spokesman for Ignite said the weather was a risk with running an outdoor event and they were watching it closely all night.


Patron Shelley Lima wasn't happy.

"I want a refund! If not I'm calling my bank," she wrote on the company's Facebook page.

"Should have postponed it. No lights, no fire, no hot-air balloon, not much food, pouring down rain. I literally saw the hot air balloon guys leaving the event!"

Martha Mauri was "disappointed" to be left standing in the rain with her small children.

"No updates and nothing said at the event. I felt like I was walking into a fair where we had no clue as to what was going on. Unhappy children who saw nothing but the lights on the rides and flames on stage.

Auckland woman Kayla Young, who is also an events co-ordinator, labelled it the most "poorly run event" she had ever attended.

She was disappointed to discover that despite turning up when the gates opened there were no free events to keep people, especially young children, occupied.

"They had advertised bouncy castles, hot-air balloons, fire dancers, fireworks and a laser show and it starts at 5pm ... there were four rides which were all $8 a ride. There wasn't much happening at all and we kept being told by the host that it's a light show and everything happens at night-time.

"We just had to sit there for four hours waiting for something to happen."

The rain then arrived and people got ushered into the VIP area.

"My kids got absolutely soaked, there were prams trying to get through ... we stayed until 9pm. But people started pouring out the gates at 8pm. I have three very sick kids now because they all got cold and wet."

Kerrie Evans said she forked out $112.50 - for four adults and one child - and also lost an umbrella in the storm.

"With the exception of the clown, the only activities for the four hours prior to the actual show were very costly.

"I won't be attending another date for this event, I would rather purchase a packet of sparklers and stand in my garden."

Justin Reid wanted details about a refund as they were left to "stand in a field for five hours before leaving soaked, confused and disappointed".

Stacey Lismore and her friends forked out for a VIP table but ended up leaving just after 8.30pm as the bar staff kept arguing about how drinks could be poured and their area was eventually over-run with GA guests.

"The rain hit and our so-called exclusive room turned into the Auckland city mission. Never again will I come to this event."

However, Megan Molloy was a bit more diplomatic, posting that it was a shame about the weather as it "would have been an awesome evening otherwise".

A spokesman for Ignite, event manager Mark Aldridge, said they had both positive and negative feedback from the public and "all feedback is being taken on board".

"Unfortunately the best advice they had from the weather is that there wasn't going to be showers until 11pm ... which was after the event had finished. These things are unfortunate and unavoidable. They kept a close eye on the weather."

The spokesman said although they had "a couple of hundred irate complaints" it paled in comparison to the approximate 3000 punters who went along.

"It is an outdoor event and the weather is part of it and they made a call on the best knowledge they had. Out of the two nights, Saturday and Sunday, the Saturday was meant to be the better of the two."

When organisers realised the weather wasn't abating, the call was made to bring the light show forward by half an hour.

"It's just an unfortunate thing. The people who stayed for the light show really enjoyed it ... the laser show and the fire dancers and the burn all still went ahead."

He said although the gates opened at 5pm the advertised start time for events were a lot later.

"All of the best planning couldn't have changed the weather hitting."

When questioned about refunds, he said the company did not have a comment at this stage.