A man has been ambushed on a bridge in Huntly, badly beaten and robbed by three men who were lying in wait on an adjacent railway bridge.

Huntly Police are appalled by the cowardly attack on an innocent passerby who was violently attacked in an unprovoked aggravated robbery.

Huntly CIB detective Russell Crawford said the man was attacked as he walked on the pedestrian bridge between Main and Bridge Sts heading towards the western side of Huntly on Tuesday night.

Crawford said the victim did not see or hear anything as he walked across the bridge but when he reached halfway he was confronted by two men in their twenties who jumped down from the steel frames that ran along a parallel railway bridge.


The men threatened to rob the victim and attempted to punch him.

A third person struck the victim's right leg with an unknown object from behind, causing the victim to fall to the ground in severe pain.

The victim was then struck on the head with the same unknown object by the third person.

While laying helplessly on the ground, the victim had his wallet and bag taken from him by the trio who then fled across the bridge, heading towards Main St.

Crawford branded it a cowardly attack on an innocent passer by and police were committed to holding those responsible to account.

All three wanted men were thought to be 1.82m tall and wearing dark clothing, with hoodies pulled over their heads.

Huntly Police wanted to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the event, or seen anyone fitting this description, in the area around 10pm on Tuesday.

People who may have information which could help with this investigation were asked to call Huntly Police on 07 828 7560 or anonymously on 0800 555 111.