A series of clues left by an anonymous benefactor had hundreds of people searching for cash hidden in a secret Dunedin location.

A chuffed Louis Gray found a $100 note and a $100 gift voucher on a post next to Kettle Park, St Clair, on Friday, but not before the large-scale game of hide and seek took off on social media.

The man behind the hidden cash, who did not want to be named, left a series of clues on a Facebook page called Go Find My Cash in the week before it was found. By the time it was discovered, more than 3000 people liked the page.

The anonymous benefactor said he had made a lot of money in the technology sector and wanted to give some of it away.


He also felt social media had got a "bad rap" and his treasure hunt showed it could be used for good.

Dunedin's treasure hunt was his second. The first was in Tauranga, and he would probably be back to hold another one after last week's success.

Louis, who had his final year at Bayfield High School last year, said he was shocked when he found the cash because there were hundreds of others out looking on Friday.

He thought the treasure hunt was a great idea.

"It's not just about people trying to find money, but it's also getting families out and about and being active.''

He was not sure yet how he would spend the money.