It's supply and demand and if there wasn't the hunger for McCaw wedding pics there wouldn't be the ducking and diving behind umbrellas, writes Newstalk ZB's Bernadine Oliver-Kerby.

They are officially a couple and no doubt looked quite the picture on their wedding day, but we don't know, because, well, - we weren't invited.

Question: Will you look at the pictures? Will you flick through the pictures in the mag that's reportedly secured the exclusive and fawn over the dress, analyse the hairdo and shoes and gape at the rings. Will you be interested in what their special day looked like? A nod? A yes? You'll have a peek? Be hard not to wouldn't it. Then is it fair you take a dig at the media all foraging for the first pics? Is it fair to berate the media who are giving you what you want?

For eight straight hours yesterday, the biggest trending story on the Herald website and arguably others was the McCaw wedding in the times of Donald Trump - a reality TV star now President elect of the United States - earthquakes rocking the world, ISIS continuing its savage assaults on the world.


The MOST clicked on stories by NZers... included Bachelor "Jordan" dumping Fleur, and All Black Aaron Smith taking part in extra curricular training in an airport toilet.

So you wanted it NZ. It's supply and demand and if there wasn't the hunger for McCaw wedding pics there wouldn't be the ducking and diving behind umbrellas. There wouldn't be lurch-like security loitering on the venue perimeter and there wouldn't be a no-fly zone over a function centre.

The McCaws went to great lengths to protect their special day from rival publications, to safeguard the rumoured six-figure sum they're receiving for their wedding pics.

Don't forget, Gemma Flynn was happy to publically share her hunt for the perfect wedding dress when she appeared on the TV reality show Say Yes to the Dress. The centre piece of many a wedding - the gown - sought out via a very public arena. The telly!

The Richie McCaw movie - it seemed no topic was off limits. Training, girlfriend, breakfast. Richie pops up promoting cars, homes, banks, dairy companies, airlines. He weighed in on the flag debate and commands a handsome fee for public speaking, and good on him. Make hay while the sun's shining. He's a public figure, he's using his fame, sold his brand to the commercial world and now his private one too. So was it about privacy? Or earning big off a big day. You be the judge but it's his call entirely.

But the very media that people berate and begrudge are the same media who'll be bringing you the snaps. Candid and formal. Authorised and papparaized.

You wanted it and you'll get it. Of course, if you're in the camp of cursing the media on this one - and that's totally your right - you'll never know if the bride actually wore pink or white, because you won't be interested in the pictures. Will you?