While some children spend their Christmas money on lollies, four Kiwi youngsters decided to use money from their grandma to help feed Auckland's vulnerable.

Auckland City Mission posted a photo of a letter from the children and the cheques - each worth $40 - on its Facebook page today after the children's grandmother dropped them off at the organisation.

The letter signed by Ana, Ben, Josh and Joel said: "Our Grandma gives us a bit of money for Christmas, and this year we have decided to give our money towards buying food for people who will need it most.

"We have realised that for this issue we need to act upon it instead of talking about it.


"We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a Happy New Year for 2017 to come."

An Auckland City Mission spokeswoman said the grandma told their receptionist the children wanted to do something to help others.

People have responded positively to the Mission's Facebook post.

One woman said: "Bless Ana, Ben, Josh and Joel ... they understand the difference between acknowledging something passively ... and doing something actively!!"

Another said the children would go far in life.

"Don't give up your beautiful souls guys. I pray that life treats you well and what ever passage you choose in life I hope you succeed."