Auckland firefighters have blacklisted a fleet of new fire engines after firefighters were stranded inside a blazing house when gear failed.

The firefighters union has banned the use of the service's troubled Fraser-Man trucks firefighters were stranded inside a burning home in Manurewa on Friday when the engine's pump suddenly lost pressure and the water reduced to a trickle.

Fortunately, firefighters had finished searching the home and were able to get out of danger.

The union fears the consequences could have been serious as water could not be pumped while firefighters fought the fire.


Union spokesman Boyd Raines said the drastic action to refuse to use 11 vehicles across the city from the plagued fleet was not taken lightly but given the ongoing failures firefighters were no longer prepared to be guinea pigs.

"Auckland firefighters have completely lost faith in these Fraser-Man appliances. The incident on Friday eroded the last vestiges of trust our members had in these vehicles."

A number of "fixes" had failed to stick and firefighters were concerned for their safety.

In August firefighters blacklisted an appliance because of safety concerns.

The Auckland City fire engine that carried the "jaws of life" rescue equipment was the first of the 11 vehicles to be taken off the road.

Christchurch and Wellington each have one truck blacklisted by firefighters.